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FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD: Tarabay iti Ortograpia ti Pagsasao nga Ilokano 2012

TheĀ Ilokano Orthography Guide developed by various Ilokano writers, linguists, journalists, educators, cultural workers and other stakeholders of the Ilokano language, is now made publicly accessible online and is free to download for printing and dissemination. This Guide is the one … Continue reading

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Seminar iti lengguahe ken panagsurat, maangay iti La Union ken Cagayan

Dua a seminar iti lengguahe ken panagsurat ti nayeskediul a maangay iti daytoy a Hunio 15 ken iti Hunio 16-17 iti La Union ken iti Cagayan, kas panagsaganadda. Isayangkat ti Sir Pelagio Alcantara Development (SPADE) Foundation ken ti Gobierno Probinsial … Continue reading

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Fellows iti Pasnaan 2012, naammuan

Sangapulo nga agdadamo a mannurat nga Ilokano ti napili a fellows iti Pasnaan 2012, ti maikatlo a literary workshop ti GUMIL Filipinas, ti gunglo dagiti mannurat nga Ilokano nga idauluan ni Retirado a Hues Vivencio S. Baclig, para iti tay-ak … Continue reading

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The Tagalog Media

by Firth McEachern This week I shall analyze the exclusion of local languages in media. First, I start with radio. Why is it that almost all the FM radio stations in Luzon are in Tagalog and English? I visited Pangasinan … Continue reading

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Dialect, or language? Which?

by Firth McEachern Many young people and professionals are abandoning their mother tongue in preference for Tagalog and English, and this is unsustainable for Filipino diversity. I am only 24, and it frightens me that in the same amount of … Continue reading

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