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How to critique in fiction writing workshops

(from wikihow) Participating in a Fiction Writing Workshop can be a hugely enriching experience as a writer, and one that many famous authors cite as being an enormous help when it comes to reading critically and honing their own skills. … Continue reading

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Beware the false compliments that are killing your writing

If there was a 10 Commandments of Writing it would be at #5, just ahead of ‘Thou shalt not write thy novel in a Starbucks’. The people around you can help simply by bringing you a refreshing cup of tea, … Continue reading

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Cool ‘literary’ shirts

I want these shirts! Nice idea! Ket ania ngata no agaramidtay’ met iti kakastoy a tisiert ket ti ipantayo ket novela dagiti Ilokano, wenno profile dagiti Ilokano writers? ‘Sino a mannurat ti kayatyo a maimarka iti tisiertyo? [from outofprintclothing.com]    

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Komperensia ti GUMIL Filipinas, maangay iti Abril 20-22 sadiay Bacnotan, L.U.

Angayen ti GUMIL Filipinas (GF), ti kangrunaan a gunglo dagiti mannurat nga Ilokano iti sangalubongan, iti pannakitinnulong ti National Commission for Culture and the Arts, ti GUMIL Filipinas National Conference and Literary Seminar-Workshop inton Abril 20-22, 2012 iti Don Mariano … Continue reading

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Paulo Coelho calls on readers to pirate books

Nagsayaaten a panagpampanunot! Kas koma amin ken Paulo Coelho amin a mannurat wenno autor! By Alison Flood Bestselling Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho is joining in with a new promotion on the notorious file-sharing site the Pirate Bay, and calling on “pirates of the … Continue reading

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Iowa Writers’ Workshop retracts maxim “show, don’t tell”

Professors teaching in the University’s MFA writing program, the famous “Iowa Writers’ Workshop,” have officially retracted the universal literary adage to “show, don’t tell.” According to Professor James A. McPherson, “show, don’t tell” was originally a joke, played by Kurt … Continue reading

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