dinardaraan, imbaliktad, kappukan

Just recently, I was lucky enough to taste a great pork dinardaraan to go with drinks.

And to make the opportunity and the experience greater and tastier is that the dinardaraan was served with a pair of Ilokano food greats–that of kappukan and imbaliktad (with soup):


What made this dinardaraan great is pretty obvious here, it’s topped with meticulously deep fried pork intestines, crackling, crunchy which complements the dinardaraan which is cooked dried, the blood expertly stewed and spiced:


You can’t resist picking up the cracklings, scooped it up into the blood stew and munch it slowly to savor its goodness, after a bittersweet shot of brandy:


And there’s the imbaliktad and the kappukan to accompany your gluttony, err, delight:

Truly, it’s an unforgettable experience akin to fine dining.



2013, baro a tawen, nateng latta

And it came to pass, 2012 has gone, and in came 2013. And it’s almost a surprise that this foodblog has aged–already a year old (I started this on December 2011), agasem that? Well, nothing to celebrate, no year-enders here, but to start the new year of chronicling our Ilokano culinary traditions and gastronomic concerns and sensitivities, I’ll serve the very first dishes I made and enjoyed just after the big bangs of the new year’s feasting on traditionally meaty intakes. And what have you, but nateng still, and of course. We’ll have to go on our mission of attaining food orgasm here, be it the traditional “missionary” means or anything we fancy. And vegetables are my main aphrodisiac. There.

And this is here a rather traditional saluyot and rabong dinengdeng but with a twist–camote is added to render sweetness and to thicken its broth–it’s simply delicious:


Pinakbet a bunga-marunggay ken paria, with some left-over grilled pork ribs:


This pinakbet is so good it deserves another photo–the paria here is the native/wild variety so it’s really bitter, and the marunggay pods are so young and tender you can eat it all:


And this is yet another pinakbet,still with left-over pork:

And so there ,we’ve began, our quest on a more nateng-ful 2013…