Pilipins’ favorite chicken, ispag, fastfood, company, mascot, hmm, what else? There you are. Jollibee. And it easily beats McDo out. But what I only want, honestly, is their chicken joy, pancit palabok, and the Champ (Big Mac is rubber). Excuse me, I’m not fond of *sweetened* spaghetti.

And here are some Jollibee food escapades I recently have with my daughters Sirmata and Imnas…

This is here the most famous joy in da Pilipins todate: chicken! Fried, of course. That “crispylicious, juicylicious–crispy on the outside; tender and juicy on the inside” catchy spiel of sort.


Grilled Pork Tenders… hmmm. I love the chicken barbecue more.


There, burger steak for Sirmata….


Imnas with her Champ all for herself (and that crazy chocolate float! I found it weird that you have to put a sundae atop your soda!), leaving only the french fries add-on for her kuripot of a Papa!


And ohh, jalibi single ladies in da hawzzz, yo!