Miki. The goodness of it, partaken on a rainy dusk. I suffused my miki bowl with cane vinegar (that’s suka ti basi, of course) with fermented chili in it. The soup is so thick, so rich and oh-so tasty with all that chicken broth and crushed pork chicharon in it, the spring onions, the hardboiled egg, the rice noodles, the atchuete that gave in so much color, this uniquely Ilokano merienda…  

What a bliss, manen ken manen!



more pancit cabagan, and the recipe

More about Isabela’s “one province one product,” Pancit Cabagan, and here we have a recipe for those who want to try their own version!

This one is pancit cabagan from a popular panciteria in Iguig, Cagayan, this is the Php70 serving:


And here’s the “official” recipe of pancit cabagan, right from the town that invented it:


But of course, pancit cabagan is not Pancit Cabagan without the miki or noodle locally made in Cabagan itself, so go and buy a kilo or two:


Pancit eaters at a pancit cabagan noodle house in Iguig:


This is the PhP50 serving, with hotdog strips and hardboiled quail eggs atop:


This version from a panciteria in Tuguegarao City, one of the few noodle houses offering just pancit cabagan (no batil patungs, sorry), it has quail eggs and lechon carajay topping: