lunch in sanchez mira, once more

I count my luck as blessings, every time I go with friends to our colleagues in Sanchez Mira, we are feted with the likes of this, our generous hosts always happy to serve something to “pagan-anusan, ta isu lat’ nabaelan”¬†Ilokano hospitality thing:


This is slightly blanched pako, with tomatoes and a ready bugguong dip on the side:

A comforting soup, naalseman a padaw with camote tops:

And this, a kind of exotic fare, adobo a bisukol:

This is another lunch, in Atulayan, Tuguegarao City, with perfectly stewed veggies for a hearty dinengdeng:

In here, patani, paria, tarong, sili ken kabatiti, steamed dry by the bugguong: