sadiay ballesteros

In a writers’ gathering in Ballesteros, Cagayan, besides the comfy tilapia sinigang, we were feted with these sumptuous dishes…

The obligatory beef kappukan, spiced with green chili:


And this mouth-watering beef “steak”:


The best seller was easily this one, sweet chicken gizzard adobo:


In the morning, we enjoyed these with newly steamed rice–red egg, fried smoked fish and sliced tomatoes with patis:

And all these while we have in mind the patupat that waits us, that Ballesteros pride… 



pangngaldaw in pamplona

It was a sweltering day in November on our way to a writers’ meet up in the Ilocos, it’s almost midday when we passed by the town of Pamplona in Cagayan and we stopped over for a gracious lunch at the home of a colleague writer in Balingit, a farming barangay cooled by  a thick foliage of coconuts and trees screaming in green in the noonday sun.

Hungry and dizzy, we are greeted with this:


Tinola a native a manok with green papaya and bulong ti sili–so savory, tasty and comforting:


This a runaway winner: thinly sliced and perfectly spiced ginisa a rabong:


And this is kinirog a kappi:


We “graced” the meal with this inevitable “table wine”:


Filled and holding our burps, we went on our journey to the Ilocos still with the hearty launch in our palate.