naganus a bawang

(Updated 15 Feb. 2012)

Naganus a bawang, young garlic (leaves and the bulb) is one superb veggie favored by Ilokanos, especially in the Ilocos provinces (Norte and Sur) where garlic planting is as usual and as essential as growing rice. It can be used in dinengdeng, leaves and bulb, to add a unique zest and spike akin to adding young spring oinions but young garlic is more spicy and aromatic. Naganus a bawang also makes for a perfect pinakbet a naganus a bawang, that’s it, as solo pinakbet.


Young garlic with bright red tomatoes ready for a hearty pinakbet (photo from Orchard Resort Hotel and Restaurant in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte)


And here are pinakbet a bawang prepared and made in Ilocos:

(Photo by  Orchard Resort Hotel and Restaurant )


 (Photo by James V. Felipe)


And but of course, naganus a bawang goes so well with pinakbet itself:



The pinakbet, with young garlic, has reclaimed its rightful right to be a genuine and unique Ilokano dish–fusing the bawang which also identifies Ilocos and the Ilokanos (Ilocos grows the more favored “native” bawang-ilocos), and the distinct way Ilokanos create their pinakbet.




This is my pammigat (breakfast) the other day morning. Simple as it is. I don’t usually eat anything at early mornings. Except for some cups of black coffee. But if you let me have these things on the table, I won’t ever fail you, or dissuade your urging, heh-heh! Broiled young okra, blanched camote tops, dried fish, sliced tomatoes, plus bugguong with kalamansi for a dip, woot, I’ll eat with my bare hands and raise my one foot atop my chair!


See this? Will you refuse it for a hearty breaking your fast?