pancit & red horse

I don’t know why I suddenly felt sad one late afternoon after a tiresome motorbiking in the highways and alleys of Tuguegarao, after my near-death encounter when an speedy wayward van slammed into a concrete arch post just a few minutes before I have to approach it (had i been there on the road earlier, I might have been hit bad, really bad). Weary and somewhat dazed I stopped by at one of my favorite panciterias in the city and gorged on pancit batil-patung and contented myself on a bottle of Red Horse beer. This is how I cure sadness, somehow, cholesterol be damned, I wanna be happy and forget fucking worries.

pangngaldaw @ tamboli

Coming from a seminar-workshop on mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTB-MLE) with focus on Ilokano literature, held at Cagayan State University campus in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan, we’re on our way home to Tuguegarao City. We’re tired and super hungry, it’s already close to 12 o’clock noon when we reached the town of Allacapan. We decided to have our lunch in Brgy. Tamboli, a remote farming community. We went first to the Allacapan public market to “fish” (the place is “fishy”) as we decided to have something “fishy” this time, having kind of spent from too much meat dishes when we were in Sanchez Mira.

Here’s what we found:



Native paltat (catfish)




The paltat was broiled, the bilis was made into a kilawen, and the unnok into a tasty soup.