pangrabii 1

My dinner (pangrabii) the other day… And well, of course, lunch or dinner and even for breakfast, it’s all veggies for me, with some occasional fish or meat. Even if it would be my last supper, I still crave for veggies–I’ll live and die a vegetable-crazed Ilokano, heheh!


There’s here dinengdeng: utong, tarong, kabatiti, and saluyot:


My pinakbet (also paksiw) a saluyot soured with lubeg fruit:


And fried tilapia:


I can sleep peacefully.


dengdeng a dengdeng

And so it came to pass, that this week I consumed more dinengdengs, cooking more, dengdeng a dengdeng, and eating more.

This is kabatiti tops and flowers and saluyot with gasagas or narnar (shucked tukmem [clam] meat):


Kabatiti and utong with uong:


Uong with marunggay:


Kabatiti with grilled bangus:


Not my cooking, this is a dinengdeng from Kalapaw, which promises “a taste of Laoag,” in the food court of SM Baguio City; it’s utong, paria, okra, tarong and saluyot with shredded bangus fillet, cooked but with a minimal digo (broth):


What a bliss, what a blessing!