pammigat ilokano

Yet another breakfast, and yes, Ilokano breakfast, this one, what with a pinakbet, soupy at that, intended for the rice kinirog!

See, this is it:


But it’s still pammigat, what with this garlicky beef tapa:


And of course, this rice kinirog, complete with scrambled egg and with lots of fried native garlic, and native ginger:

Now, that’s heavy!


adobo a pagi, ballaiba & other natengs

More of my meals, I mean different sida (viand), homecooked, I enjoyed in the passed days worth sharing here (photographs are as good).

And this is adobo a pagi (ray), a rarity these days, ray’s flesh is similar to that of the shark’s. Besides adobo, pagi is best with coconut milk as in kinunot na pagi.


And this is a rather rare one–ballaiba salad spiced with onions and ginger:


An unusual dinengdeng, this I made with bagas ti kamote (kaong, sweet potato) to, well, sweeten and thicken the broth; with bunga ti utong, some wild bunga ti paria, kabatiti a bilidan, okra, and pako, and with gamet (nori):


And this katuday salad: