karne ken nateng

Holidays, hmmm, feasting, and mostly on meats, fatty meat. Well, let’s indulge for you say it’s just a once-a-year thing to celebrate the year-end/year-start holidays, so, give in to your guilty gastronomic pleasures once a while. But for me, if there’s karne, there should also be a nateng on the side for me.

Surely, you can’t resist this, a killer combination to tempt you into sweet submission–the freshest cut in the morning, choicest beef cut, kappukan and imbaliktad with soup:


Or this one, boiled pork pata with pusi (dried kardis beans) and tarong?


And this is how I balanced those red and fatty meat–dinengdeng a naata a saba, kabatiti, utong, and pallang:


The traditional pork igado and adobo, irresistible to the palate used to Pinoy culinary tradition, especially if that’s an Ilokano igado (a.k.a. dinaldalem):


Oh, well, I’ve got a delicious dinengdeng to counter cholesterol, here: alukon, patani, utong, pallang!


Now, let me have my cut of that blessed pork lechon!  Happy holidays!





tuguegarao pammigat

Christmas parties, foods, foods, and drinks, and drinks. Mostly fatty food intake that traditionally defines a Pinoy holiday celebration. And the morning after that noche buena feast, you’ll crave for some light, simple breakfast to do away the suya, the fatty aftertaste still lingering in your palate, or the hangover from so much liquor intake–you need some morning shots for a refreshing bungar

And how about this, our recent breakfast in one of our writerly morning conversation among Ilokano creative writers in Tuguegarao City, after a night’s occasional drinking session over some Ilokano book projects: fried tuyo, fried pork luncheon meat, egg, and tomatoes:


The tuyo is so crisply done you can eat it all scales, fish bone and heads, if you prefer; the saltiness is just slight and mild and so it’s perfect with the sliced kamatis:


The luncheon meat is just rightly seared, with little browned sides, tender, sweet and aromatic as it is:


And this is my labay, it’s one heavy breakfast for me as I ate about 3-4 cups of newly-steamed rice–unusual for me because I don’t regularly take a breakfast (a cup or two of black coffee is enough for my morning fill):


But of course, we were a bit “hanged over” so we, inevitably, took some shots of light brandy in between to bungar, to do away some dizziness and headache:

How’s that for a post-Christmas fare?