ensaladas paria balang y talinum

I love salads. So much. Specially with greens. I mean, green leafy veggies. Like marunggay, kalunay, kamote, etc.

And , of course, the paria, if not papait. This is balang a paria here, wild paria growing in itself, independently and proudly–how much organic can you get? 


Kinilnat a balang a paria with KBL (kamatis, bugguong, lasona), of course:


And this is talinum salad! Quickly blanched and seasoned with bugguong, kalamansi and lasona:

Pure gastronomic bliss. Simple.





sardinas with repolio and talinum

Sardinas. Oh, well… haldinat, that canned good which is a pioneer of instant food, express sida to go with your old and new rice, out of the can, as is. Or cooked/prepared in a variety of ways.

I love sardinas since birth, so to say. It’s a childhood luxury food, being a barrio boy, my mother used to make pancit bijon with sardinas as a viand for rice. Or saute it in lots of garlic and onions and liters, literally, of water, for a savory sardinas soup. The distinct sardinas smell and its rich and delicious tomato sauce is unforgettable to the palate.

So much so, that until today, it’s still a favorite, as is or with vegetables. And I most prefer repolio (cabbage) sauteed with flaked sardines. And not content, I made another sardinas dish, for soup, with talinum (Talinum fruticosum) leaves:


Sadinas soup with talinum:

And this, my beloved naigisa a sardinas ken repolio:

I’m simply blessed…