paksiw a dalag ken dinengdeng

A respite perhaps from my all-dinengdeng, all-nateng feasting, I’d let myself a luxury of having some fat fish for dinner the other day. But not without a dinengdeng to accompany it, of course!

This is dalag, also called attasi (in Cagayan) and burikaw, and buntiek (for medium or smaller ones), which I made into a paksiw, with lots of kamatis, laya, bawang, lasona:


And this is the paksiw a dalag’s pair, dinengdeng a tarong, utong, okra, kalunay ken talinum:


kilawen a sosay

Sosay it is, one one the many monikers of tanigue or tangngigue or sailfish, swordfish, or big Spanish mackerel whatever, which, aside for being made into a savory sinigang, is most preferred into a tasty and spicy kilawen.


Still on our Ilocos food trip, on our stop over in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte, we chanced upon large chunks of prime sosay meat among a horde of yellow fin tunas and bonitos. We didn’t pass on the rare chance.


Preparing the kilawen is the easiest and simplest, cut the sosay and dice it into bite size:


Then season/spice it with calamansi, ginger, onions:


And there you have it, kilawen a sosay ready, here with suka ti basi ti naartem a sili:

Get your brandy or cold beer ready!