ubog ti niog/labig ken pinapaitan a baka

Came from a pabunar (“blow out”) recently in the town of Sanchez Mira in Cagayan, and lo and behold, some snapshots of the food preparation and cooking I came to observe. Sanchez Mira boasts of being a coconut town what with literally thousand of coconut trees around, and so it became a kind of custom to “butcher” a few coconut trees to sacrifice the prized ubog (bud, the palm’s “heart”) to be served as an special dish, either mixed in in a pot of lauya (boiled beef or pork) or as a dish by itself–boiled as a salad or sauteed and more.

Or, as a ginettaan nga ubog–the palm heart itself cooked in its own oil, literally, cooked in coconut milk (cream), as what the cooking ubog here is subjected into:

But wait, what’s that other one boiling over there?

I took a closer shot of it when it simmered and yeah, it’s the blessed pinapaitan a baka itself, cow innards boiling in its bittery juice:

So, there it is. I will detail my yet another gastronomic indulgence next blog post.