inasar a kurilaw & nateng

Grilling time yet again! I came upon freshly caught (from the Cagayan River) kurilaw (Netuma thalassina) by the roadside in Tuguegarao City and I bought a kilo and a half @ PhP120/kg. Gonna grill it and put it atop a dinengdeng. You know, grilled fish is best with veggies. It fuses a lot of flavor and aroma specially with dinengdeng, making the broth or soup doubly tasty. It’s a perfect enhancer for the bugguong-flavored stew.

Now, the photos–be sure to click on the images for a larger and more detailed look! :-)

This is the proof: the inasar (tinuno) a kurilaw gracing a dinengdeng medley of pallang, bukel-patani, young abichuelas pods, and marunggay:


Kurilaw on the grill:


More salivating photos of thedinengdeng, to give you more idea just how sumptuous it really is, it’s popping right out of the monitor screen ready for your rice:


And this is my dinengdeng the next day, still with inasar a kurilaw–this is actually a buridibod made of bagas ti aba (taro) with utong and marunggay–enjoy the show of gastronomic force of an Ilokano staple veggie stew:


It’s a torture, I know. Please just indulge your longing eyes.


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  1. There’s this dessert that my lola used to get for me when I was a kid, its sweet, fermented and hard to find these days. My lola calls it “binuburan”. Do you happen to know what that is? Would you know anyone that knows how to make it or if you can feature it in your blog? Thanks and best regards,
    Tracy, CA

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