pangngaldaw idiay tuguegarao

A hearty pangngaldaw in Tuguegarao City, courtesy of Cagayan Provincial Board Member Vilmer V. Viloria, this is a luncheon to die for, no, no, no, not for the fats or cholesterol, but the way it was prepared with love and care to assure an Ilokano gastronomic pleasure for us his guests.

This is what we call as “kumain sa labas” or simply having eaten outdoors (just outside/beside the house, hehehe! not in some fancy resto) , the tables and the food was laid outside:

Cholestrol-overload ahead, you are warned, heheh! This is silet ti baka (beef intestine) slowly cooked for hours:


The obligatory kappukan/ata-ata, raw beef tender loin-liver-tripe, a signature dish of Ilokano writers in Cagayan:


And of course, we have some “seafood” and this is paksiw a talibukno:


And we’ve got here KBL to somehow neutralize our cholestrol intake:


And pinakbet a sili here to “balance” everything:


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