brunch idiay sta. teresita

Brunch? That’s breakfast and lunch, coined/rolled into one. Usually, that’s when you eat at 9AM-10AM. But it’s actually an early lunch. Or a late breakfast? Take your option. But this one thing we partook in Palagao, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan is a legit “brunch” because we did it at about 9AM. And it’s a heavy one.

Coffee, plain white rice, eggs, and there it is–paksiw a kapiged! And that brandy (I poured some on my black coffee (not shown) and it’s so good!):


Oh my! These are Buguey kapigeds oozing with fishfat:


A closer look, kapiged is so oh-tasty a fish:


And here’s one that really made our gastronomic morning–jumping salad, live pasayan which we mercilessly dipped in calamansi juice with salt:


OMG, these live pasayans are so good with my brandied coffee, the sweetness and succulence of its raw flesh is all the more pronounced:


Can’t help but to burp…!


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