dinardaraan, imbaliktad, kappukan

Just recently, I was lucky enough to taste a great pork dinardaraan to go with drinks.

And to make the opportunity and the experience greater and tastier is that the dinardaraan was served with a pair of Ilokano food greats–that of kappukan and imbaliktad (with soup):


What made this dinardaraan great is pretty obvious here, it’s topped with meticulously deep fried pork intestines, crackling, crunchy which complements the dinardaraan which is cooked dried, the blood expertly stewed and spiced:


You can’t resist picking up the cracklings, scooped it up into the blood stew and munch it slowly to savor its goodness, after a bittersweet shot of brandy:


And there’s the imbaliktad and the kappukan to accompany your gluttony, err, delight:

Truly, it’s an unforgettable experience akin to fine dining.



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