dinengdeng manen!

Yes, dinengdeng it is. Once again. Once more. At once. Once, and for all. Of course, an Ilokano can’t live by bread or rice alone without his dinengdeng. And so here’s to eternity. And to posterity, let me continue showing and calling for you to come, let’s eat, ‘maykayon, apo, manganen, mangantayo manen! Pagan-anusan ti adda, ti kanayon nga adda a dinengdeng!

This is plain and simple dinengdeng nga utong ken marunggay, no sagpaw whatsoever, which is I prefer in a dinengdeng, because here you can really taste the flavor of Ilokano simplicity, frugality and industry:


And this is dinengdeng a patani, tarong ken uggot ti kabatiti–plain and simple still, because this way, the vegetables take care of themselves to brought out all its natural sense and essence:



I want more!


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