Pinapaitan is solely and authentic, even exotic, Ilokano dish. Loved by any true-blue Ilokano there is, specially those bred in the away (farm, country sides) or promdi (from the province) in any Ilocos place, native or (so-called) Ilokanized.  Some Ilokanos shun it, but it’s really an acquired taste and kind of inherent preference if you really have Ilokano roots or blood. But pinapaitan has become  a truly Philippine–national–dish. Ilokanos and non-Ilokanos loved it, period. Although non-Ilokanos has somewhat corrupted the right term into “papaitan” (Tagalogized, perhaps?) and most non-Ilokano variation of the original is not at all bitter. Bitterness defines the Ilokano palate, and that of being Ilokano, and the distinct Ilokano-ness (mistaken by some as being kuripot or tightwad, uhuh). Some “papaitan” has no pait at all simply because they avoid the extreme pait of it, bile or the pespes (extract of the masticated grass inside the small intestines of the cow/goat/carabao). And they have the gall to call it papaitan still when it’s not that bitter!


What goes into it is the prizey and pricey innards/offal: heart, liver, intestines, tripes–the liblibros and the tualtualias…


Those prime beef/goat parts, which to some may say “yuck!” with disgust, but when done by the Ilokano “Pinapaitan King,” will turn into this lovely golden ambrosia:



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  1. Daytoy ti superior nga sida diay ili mi nga Magsingal Ilocos Sur.
    Il-iliwek daytoy nga sida,hmm nagimasen apo.

  2. I love this food! Naimas ken makapailiw. Sometimes when I cook pinapaitan I put a little bit of chilli in it and it’s very nice but of course naimimas daytay karnet baka’ nga aggapu ti away. Ditoy Western world awan dayta.

  3. naimas daytoy nga igupen ti digo na no kalamiis na kakabsat. ditoy middle east aglutluto kami met ngem gapu ta awan ti pinespes na nga pangpapait agus usar kami iti alternatibo na nga ilaok tapno pumait. ti usaren mi na slice nga lemon isu inayon mi nga ipaburek and it seems kasla met la tunay nga pinapaitan raman na.

      1. slice nga lemon isu inayon mi nga ipaburek and it seems kasla met la tunay nga pinapaitan raman na

  4. Ay, imbag laengin ta adda magatang nga kalding ditoy Texas, mabalin tatta ag-pinapaitan iti tao..Can’t wait for Sunday, guess what’s on the menu! Love those pix by the way

  5. Dayta man. uray tax disiuno kuma ti kalding, hahahaha… Ditoy Quirino Province, kaadwan na ti Ilokano, ngem manmanu daytoy a putahe kadagiti balay-panganan. Gapu ti angot na.

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  7. ditoy San francisco, kanayon kami nga agluto ti pinapaitan, adu ti magatang nga kalding kapparti, no kayatmo sika pay ti mangpugpug, ngem dakami, i-ordermi laengen ideliberda nga napartin, adda met la dagitay lalaem na, paibellengko la diay daranan ken pespes. no alternatibo nga pait, adda magatang nga frozen bile dita oriental store.

  8. Ditoy Calagary, Allberta Canada adu itit kalding sika iti malpulpog no kayat mo,k en pinapaitan nga baka, maka gatang ka ititi pinapaitan adda apdu nga magatang isu nga kasla adda nak
    sadiay Vigan met ah

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