uong ken marunggay

It’s uong (mushroom) season, what with the rains and with the lightnings and thunders that spew some magic to germinate some spores, and so the mornings are filled with a bounty of this beloved (the edible ones, of course) fungus.

And one of my beloved mushroom is the common straw mushroom (uong-garami, uong-saba) that grows in the wild, in rotten rice straws or banana leaves. As a child I used to pick uong-garami growing out in a makeshift mushroom-producing rice straw heap/mounts left rotting after rice harvests. I preferably love picking on the kattungbol, the yet emerging buttons of a mushroom or those just budding and not yet fully grown. Kattungbol is so sweet as a mushroom soup with paria or marunggay or saluyot leaves. What I relished most is the tinuno nga uong, kattungbols wrapped in banana leaves and then roasted… oh, my! the sweetness is more pronounced as it cooks with its own juicy succulence!

And here’s that beloved uong (photographs courtesy of my nephew, Erson Aguada), freshly picked:

Uong ken marunggay. Perfect combination!

Mushroom soup with marunggay leaves. What a comfort!


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