dinengdeng a.k.a. inabraw

Dinengdeng, or inabraw if you will, yet again! Yes, I’m forever be a grateful Ilokano because of this thing, the fact that I’m a kind of a vegetarian (but not certainly a vegan, uhuh), courtesy of this truly Ilokano dish authenticated by bugguong (bagoong, fermented fish paste/sauce [not to be mistaken with the patis] ). I specially mentioned bugguong with regards to stewing vegetables or making a soupy veggie broth because dinengdeng or the brisk boiling of vegetables is not actually exclusive to Ilokanos. Down south the Philippines, the Ilonggos (Hiligaynon, of Ilo-ilo) also have theirs, the laswa, which is very similar to dinengdeng. The only difference is that while Ilokanos flavor their dinengdeng with bugguong, the Ilonggos simply add salt. Even the Tagalogs’ veggie soup pride bulanglang is also flavored with salt, if not patis (fish sauce). Big, big difference because bugguong not only flavor the dinengdeng, it also gives that unique aroma and sweet smell that only emanates from a good bugguong and that can grace a genuine Ilokano dish. And so with that, dinengdeng is a truly original Ilokano bugguong-based delicious and nutritious veggie soup that has become a kind of a delicacy, even exotic, to some and the uninitiated.

And lo, and behold, here are some more dinengdeng creations (you can find more here and here, btw):

 That’s a medley of young petchay, kabatiti (sponge gourd), and patani (lima beans).


Tarong (egg plant) and marunggay (horse radish) leaves with fried fish. A truly comfort food what with it’s simple but very savory and nutritious broth!


And this! Marunggay fruit (young pods), with fried fish! I’m truly blessed, me being an Ilokano, with this heavenly dish!

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    1. ti ania kadagita, ading hanna? haan met. no agdengdengak ket ‘tay apaglanet laeng. diak unay magustuan ti nadugdog a dinengdeng ngamin. naim-imas no ‘tay crisp ngem succulent latta. thanks for dropping by.

  1. ti ingles ti bugguong ket fermented fish sauce sabali ti fish paste. nabasa gamin jay gayyem ko nga tagalog ket kinayat na te nagluto, fish paste jay ginatang na. as in fish paste.

  2. I cook dinengdeng like 3 to 4 times a week. The pictures indeed show overcooked vegetables and the article does not give justice.

  3. thanks for the corrections, yes, fish sauce indeed. others term it as a paste though but not like a tomato paste, i guess, hehe!

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