I prefer tukak (frog) with soup, tinola-style with chili leaves or paria leaves. But who can’t resist  a tempting tukak adobo like this?


“Dressed” tukak for sale in the early morning. Caught just the rainy night before. Some still kicking albeit headless, skinless, gutless. ready for your tinola, adobo, or pineggetan (ginettaan, cooked in coconut milk).


Sumptous, scrumptious, delicious, mouth-watering adobo a tukak, cooked just this dry, with some thick broth/sauce, spiced with chili:


Now, where’s my rice?





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  1. Dear Mr. Author,
    I kindly ask for permission to use your pictures for our thesis.
    We need pictures for the samples of exotic foods found in our region.

    Thank you.

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