igat sadiay bagabag

Yet another Ilokano writers meet in Benguet, and passing by the province of Nueva Vizcaya by lunch time, we decided to have our hunger settled by a roadside eatery in Barangay Baretbet in Bagabag town where our hungry eyes caught a placard announcing the availability of igat (eel), udingan (or bunog), burasi (carp) and other freshwater delicacies fished right from the Magat River nearby.

Here’s the eel, sinigang, soured with tomato, cooked just so tender to render its own fatty essence:

The sinigang nga igat is just cooked right and even if it’s sinigang and not cooked dry as paksiw or adobo but with some broth, it’s not “nalangsi” or “malansa”. The preparation and cooking is expertly done. The eatery is kind of popular as hungry travelers are incessantly stopping by to eat and partake of the igat specialty.

So wickedly delicious, it oozes with gustatory goodness to dare you to a rice intake overload!


dinengdeng with fried paltat

Absent for almost a month… but here’s to dinengdeng, my first blog entry after a long hiatus is a recent dinengdeng, what else?

This is dinengdeng nga utong, sabong-karabasa and saluyot, with naprito a paltat (fried catfish), here in a series of photos, intended so to cause a kind of dinengdeng craving, for me to continue upating this blog: